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At the N.Y. Fed: Macroeconomic Policy Mix in the Transatlantic Economy
At this workshop, jointly organized by the Centre for Economic Policy Research, the European Commission, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, participants discussed the reasons that macroeconomic policy approaches have differed on the two sides of the Atlantic in recent years.
By Moreno Bertoldi, Philip R. Lane, Paolo Pesenti, and Valérie Rouxel-Laxton
Don’t Be Late! The Importance of Timely Settlement of Tri-Party Repo Contracts
The bloggers explain the role of cash investors in the tri-repo settlement process and highlight how their current practice of sending principal payments late in the day disrupts the timely settlement of tri-party repo contracts.
By Adam Copeland and Ira Selig
How Do Liquidity Conditions Affect U.S. Bank Lending?
Internal liquidity management by large global U.S. banks has, on average, mitigated the effects of aggregate liquidity shocks on domestic lending by these banks.
By Ricardo Correa, Linda Goldberg, and Tara Rice
What Can We Learn from Prior Periods of Low Volatility?
The current volatility environment appears quite similar to the one in May 2013, but it’s substantially different from the one preceding the financial crisis in 2007. The bloggers examine factors contributing to the recent low levels of market volatility.
By Fernando Duarte, Juan Navarro-Staicos, and Carlo Rosa
Research Topics in Focus
International Banking Research Network image
International Banking Research Network
This New York Fed-hosted microsite describes an initiative of central bank researchers who are engaged in a coordinated study of global banks and their activities internationally.
Center for MicroEconomic Data  image
The Center for Microeconomic Data
This new research hub centralizes the wide-ranging microeconomic data, research, and analysis produced by the New York Fed.
Higher Education Map
For-Profits in the Higher Education Landscape
Interactive maps and charts shed light on the unprecedented growth, market share, student loans, tuition pricing, federal grants, and more for for-profit higher education institutions.
Recent Articles
Dynamic Prediction Pools: An Investigation of Financial Frictions and Forecasting Performance
The authors provide a novel methodology for estimating time-varying weights in linear prediction pools and use it to investigate the relative forecasting performance of DSGE models with and without financial frictions for output growth and inflation from 1992 to 2011.
By Marco Del Negro, Raiden B. Hasegawa, and Frank Schorfheide, Staff Reports 695, October 2014
Counterparty Risk in Material Supply Contracts
The authors test whether three sources of counterparty risk—financial exposure, product quality risk, and redeployability risk—are priced in the equity returns of linked firms.
By Nina Boyarchenko and Anna M. Costello, Staff Reports 694, October 2014
Bank Heterogeneity and Capital Allocation: Evidence from “Fracking” Shocks
Plosser empirically investigates how positive funding shocks—arising from innovations in drilling technology that have resulted in the development of several new oil and gas fields throughout the United States—translate into investments by banks.
By Matthew C. Plosser, Staff Reports 693, October 2014
How Does Risk Management Influence Production Decisions? Evidence from a Field Experiment
The authors describe using a randomized controlled trial involving a sample of Indian farmers to study how an innovative rainfall insurance product affects production decisions.
By Shawn Cole, Xavier Gine, and James Vickery, Staff Reports 692, September 2014
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